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What We Do

Promoting educational, mental, and emotional wellness among Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) by connecting them to resources and mentorship. We inspire BIPOC to achieve their dreams by instilling the hope, motivation, and confidence for them to thrive holistically.

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Thrive In Academia

Providing BIPOC students the knowledge, confidence, and skills to navigate academia & successfully launch their career – saving time, money, and stress.

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Consultation & Coaching

Cultivate Your Success

Assisting others in creating intentional space for BIPOC to thrive. We offer quality services at a reasonable price to help you be successful.

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Elevate Your Narrative

Helping BIPOC share their narratives, affirm, and uplift their identities.

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Nelson O. O. Zounlome, Ph.D., is a first-generation college graduate, child of immigrants, and native of South Bend, IN. He is also a published author, former McNair Scholar, Ford Foundation Fellow, Herman B. Wells Graduate Fellow, Counseling Psychologist, and an Assistant Professor at the University of Kentucky. Nelson earned Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology & Sociology, and a Master’s degree in Learning Science-Educational Psychology Track, and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Indiana University. He studies academic persistence and mental wellness to promote holistic healing among Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Nelson is dedicated to helping BIPOC communities liberate themselves and achieve their wildest dreams.

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Our Values Guide Our Work


Our company strives to provide high-quality, practical products to help Black, Indigenous, and People of Color succeed in everything they do.


We dedicate ourselves to improving Black, Indigenous, and People of Color’s educational, psychological, and financial wellness by encouraging them to achieve their wildest dreams.


We are determined to overcome any obstacles in our way. We keep moving forward and do not stop until we achieve our goals.


We are devoted to personal growth and self-development. We are continually incorporating innovation to improve and not remain stagnant.


Every person is unique and has a distinctive story. We provide a platform for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to share their narratives, affirm and uplift their identities.


We work tirelessly to ensure Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are freed from all oppressive systems that negatively impact their lives.

Radical Healing

We strive to create and support intentional spaces for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to connect, reflect, heal, and thrive.


We make an enduring commitment to future generations to leave them a world better than the one we inherited.

Available Books!

Letters to My Sisters & Brothers: Practical Advice to Successfully Navigate Academia as a Student of Color

Workbook specifically designed with culturally relevant advice and evidence-based exercises to help students of color thrive.


100% of clients reported they would utilize our services again.


Asian American woman, Post-doctoral Scholar

“Nelson speaks from his experience of being on faculty job search, which offers me valuable insights into how to prepare for the interview and job talk. He also has unique perspectives as a candidate/faculty of color, which helps address my questions regarding assessing department culture as a candidate of color (eg. ask questions to get a sense of tokenism). I also like how he started the conversation by asking me about my research program and questions for him, which helps to tailor our conversation.”


Black woman, Doctoral Student

“During my consultation with Nelson, he was able to give me a different perspective on the topic of discussion. His alternate point of view enabled me to address future concerns that would arise. His line of questioning and suggestions left me feeling fulfilled and confident moving forward. What I loved about his input was that he did not impose his thoughts before carefully listening to my concerns. It was after my initial thoughts that he then stepped in with his suggestions. The clarity I gained through my interaction will help to move my project along.”


Biracial woman, Doctoral Student

“Dr. Zounlome proofread my scholarship application. He was able to provide me with additional ideas to consider, as well as specific feedback on verbiage and transitions. His input was incredibly helpful and, ultimately, led to a much stronger submission.”


Black man, Full Professor

“This book is a much-needed intervention for students of color to help them not only survive but thrive in academia…The content of the book will be relatable to students who have ever struggled with frustration and/or self-doubt with their academic experience…Letters To My Sisters & Brothers is an important resource that I highly recommend.”

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