This blog provides Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) graduate students, post-docs, and other academics the tools and strategies to navigate academia successfully. As a Black, first-generation college student, child of immigrants, from a low income, single-parent background, I faced numerous obstacles in academia such as racial oppression, mental health concerns, and being viewed as less capable/credible than my peers. However, through trial and error, support from my communities, and taking advantage of several opportunities, I found my way through. I aim to help BIPOC individuals to do the same and take ownership of their academic journey, save time and money, and launch a meaningful and lucrative career. This monthly blog will highlight the skills and processes I used to graduate with my Ph.D. debt-free and start my career as an assistant professor upon graduation. Feel free to reach out with comments and suggestions for future posts. Together we can help BIPOC academics not just survive but thrive.

Nelson O. O. Zounlome, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

NASEM- Ford Foundation Fellow

Herman B. Wells  Fellow